Startups Are Like Science Experiments

Arun writes that Startups are like science experiments.

There are many similarities between a startup and a science experiment. A science experiment starts with a hypothesis – or a theory of how the world works. The experiment is designed to test that hypothesis. The hypothesis is based on certain assumptions – usually based on existing knowledge or an existing world view – and it makes some predictions based on those assumptions and knowledge. Your experiment is considered successful if the outcome agrees with the prediction. Your hypothesis is confirmed and if it is considered a new way of explaining how the world works, you may even get a paper published in a prestigious journal. The experiment is considered a failure if the outcome does not agree with the predictions. In this case, there are several possibilities – there could be a flaw in your experiment, or your hypothesis may be incorrect, or there may be a flaw in your current knowledge or world view. If you find there is a flaw in your experiment you can redesign it and repeat it carefully. If your hypothesis is wrong, you need to go back and make some changes or adjustments to it. Once you make changes to your hypothesis, you repeat the experiment to test it again. If repeated iterations of this process result is failure you discard your theory and move on.

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