insideHPC Launches

Rich Brueckner

Popular supercomputing news site expands coverage to profile the entrepreneurs of tomorrow


PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–insideHPC, the Web’s premier short-format HPC news site, today announced the launch of, a sub-site of insideHPC that will extend the site’s coverage to include news on startup companies and profiles of the innovators and entrepreneurs behind them. With more than 850,000 unique page views per month, insideHPC has become a trusted destination for supercomputing news. The addition of inside-STARTUPs, with a focus on those taking advantage of HPC to invent their businesses, will significantly expand and strengthen the site’s content offerings for its core audience of high performance computing professionals.

Given its parent site’s emphasis on supercomputing, inside-STARTUPs will specialize in covering fledgling businesses that deploy high-performance computing and parallelism in new ways, especially those that make its benefits available to end-user consumers.

Brueckner expects these trends to “power a whole new generation of start-ups,” citing the breakaway success of cloud computing, a market that has been growing at more than 20 percent in recent years and is expected to top $100B USD by 2012, as one instance of the common man harnessing the potential of powerful supercomputing.

“There are only a small number of companies that can afford supercomputing,” Brueckner continued. “What gets exciting is when anyone with a mobile device can tap into that power. Suddenly, anything’s possible.”


Inside-STARTUPs will debut with a strong advertising base that includes AMD, DataDirect Networks, Intel, Nvidia, Mellanox, and Scalable Informatics.

“As a smaller company, we have to focus our marketing efforts to be more productive and efficient at generating interest,” said Joe Landman, CEO of Scalable Informatics. “Since our advertising efforts began on insideHPC, we were pleased to discover that some of our best and most frequent customers are readers of insideHPC. This publication has allowed us to more efficiently communicate with our intended market. Now that the team at insideHPC are branching out with inside-STARTUPs, we’re looking forward to reaching a whole new set of potential customers who could benefit from our scalable storage solutions.”

About insideHPC

insideHPC’s crisp, uncluttered style and filtered, short format news site has grown steadily since it was launched in 2006. Today, it is one of the most popular news and information portals for global stakeholders interested in High Performance Computing, supercomputing, and emerging high-end computing technologies. Each month, insideHPC serves up hundreds of thousands of page views to a highly targeted, dedicated following of supercomputing and HPC professionals. Its stories, original articles, and rich media content is read by HPC influencers, recommenders, and decision-makers around the globe via the standard news site, special event supplements, and direct email outreach. With the introduction of inside-STARTUPs in June 2011, insideHPC plans to expand content to serve additional subcategories of technology with an emphasis on those fueled by HPC. For more information, visit

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