Deals Site “Doggyloot” Fetches Funding from Sandbox Ventures

We marketing folks often talk about whether or not the dogs are eating the dog food. Now, Sandbox Ventures has thrown a bone to a Chicago Startup called Doggyloot, which helps consumers save on pet food.

Doggyloot, which launched in February 2011, has rapidly grown into the most successful dog deals site on the web, while connecting merchants in the dog space to tens of thousands of dog owners and introducing dog owners to new products and services. The company runs three to four deals each week on everything from dog toys and treats to grooming supplies and accessories, all at a 50 percent discount or higher. doggyloot intends to continue growing its expanding user base while exploring other facets of the dog space, including an extensive content section of the site.

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Growing in the Asia-Pacific Marketplace, Part III

Steve Perrenod from Orion Marketing has posted Part III of his feature on Growing in the Asia-Pacific Marketplace.

In this third blog entry I look more specifically at an important consideration for business in the region – the unfortunate fact of corruption. There is an extremely wide variation in the level of corruption across the region. I tie together the business transparency score with the market potential as addressed in the first blog entry to arrive an an overall opportunity score for each of 14 nations. This is based not simply on population or GDP, but rather on openness and transparency of doing business combined with today’s potential market size, with US exports to each nation as a proxy for the latter.

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Young Entrepreneurs and the Greater Fool Theory

Tony Stubblebine writes that young entrepreneurs should consider a fundamental rule of business called the Greater Fool Theory:

There’s basically two ways to be financially successful as a company. One, you could rely on time-tested business fundamentals. I call this the Warren Buffet model. Two, you could rely on the greater fool theory, which is that with enough hype, smoke, and mirrors you can find a buyer who is an even greater fool than your investors.

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Video: Startup CPusage Sells Your CPU Cycles to Science


The Next Web brings us this video on CPusage, a Portland Startup that turns your excess CPU cycles into a public grid for scientific research.

The processing power of the idle computers (downloaded in one click for users) creates CPUsage’s Cirrus Grid which delivers a scalable and high powered Infrastructure-as-a-Service for high throughput and high performance computing. Good for SaaS and PaaS offerings, Cirrus Grid provides access to the raw processing power of thousands of physical nodes and is highly secure and able to run most batch-oriented applications and the libraries they require.

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Survey Reveals the New Entrepreneur

A recent survey by Deluxe Corporation suggests a a surprising global democratization of entrepreneurship:

With the bad economy looming and emerging technologies changing the way we brand and market our businesses, there is a new face of modern entrepreneurship. Now people from across the world are starting businesses, regardless of age, and we aren’t forced to tap into third parties in order to reach potential customers.

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Perfect PR Pitches for your Startup

Paul Sawers over at the Next Web writes some great tips for Startups looking for PR:

A key point to remember is that the relationship between a company and the media is a symbiotic one. On the one hand you, as a startup, want the public to read about your company in well-read publications, but also remember that we need you because you are what will ultimately give us good content.

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Starting a Company? 5 Things You Should Know

Signpost CEO Stuart Wall has posted Five Things You Need to Know about Starting a Company, including the wake-up-call that “You won’t get it right on the first try.”

Unless you’re copying a proven business model, you probably don’t know who your customers are, what they want, or what they will pay for. It’s nearly impossible to answer these questions with research. The best tool for most consumer startups involves rolling up your sleeves and building something ugly, seeing how people use it, making it better, then repeating the process. Many new founders seem to pursue a zero iteration strategy. This often involves hiring a contractor to design or code a site that won’t care if something breaks, let alone execute another turn. When things don’t go well at launch, the inability to iterate leads to businesses untimely demise.

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Slidecast: BlackSky Starts Up with Purpose-Built HPC


In this slidecast, BlackSky CEO Scott Alexander presents an overview of the company’s HPC products including their new Apollo Storage System.

We created this product because we looked for an HPC storage system for our own internal cloud and for our customers for more than a year and found nothing that satisfied all the requirements for compute intensive applications,” said Scott Alexander, co-founder and CEO, BlackSky Computing. “The only offerings with sufficient I/O were cost prohibitive because they weren’t designed for high performance computing or render farms. The Apollo storage system was purpose built to deliver the three essential features for HPC storage – tremendous capacity at low $/TB; proportional network bandwidth in and out of the device which will cripple HPC applications if not done correctly; and expandability under one file system to very large volumes.”

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Startups’ Ryno Cycle to be featured in London Museum

Ryno – Maneuverability Demo from ianlyman on Vimeo.

Portland-area Startup Ryno Motors‘ unique one-wheeled motorcycle will soon be featured in the London Transport Museum.

We continue to be amazed by the reception to RYNO Motors both domestically and internationally,” said Chris Hoffman, founder and CEO of RYNO Motors. “The design clearly strikes a chord with people that want to know everything from how it was conceived to how it works. We are hard at work on our production bike now, with two customized versions ordered for delivery to China this fall.”

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