Crafting your Startup’s Mission Statement

Author Mark Di Vincenzo writes that your Startup’s mission statement needs to get right to the point.

Be succinct. The hardest part about answering those questions is doing it in as few words as possible. The best mission statements are 30 words or less because brief mission statements will actually be read—and remembered. Avon’s mission statement is 240 words long; H&R Block’s is 273 words. How many people know what those statements really say? The medical supplier Becton, Dickinson and Company’s mission statement is “To help all people live healthy lives.” That statement says a lot in seven words.

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New Documentary to Focus on Female Entrepreneurs

Jillian D’Onfro over at Inc. writes that a documentary on female entrepreneurs is in the works thanks to Kickstarter. She Means Business is attracting the support of big influencers like Tim Draper and Sonja Perkins.

If you look at the statistics today, women run about 40% of privately held businesses,” said the film’s producer, Jackie Baptist. “And yet when it comes to access to capital, in terms of VC funding, women only get about 4%.”

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Napkin Venture to Teach New Entrepreneurs in Austin

Bryan Menell from AustinStartup writes that entrepreneurs in the city will soon have a new resource call Napkin Venture to help them realize their business goals.

The partners at Napkin Venture are led by serial entrepreneur and recent City Council candidate Tina Cannon, who saw a gap in the marketplace for entrepreneurs who needed more support to find their way in the often confusing marketplace. She brought together a team of experienced entrepreneurs, designers, attorneys, and subject matter experts to provide an arsenal of information and tools to walk business owners through the minefield and out the other side to success.

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Dell Commits $100 Million Fund for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Ingrid Vanderveldt writes that the new Dell Innovators Credit Fund will provides entrepreneurs will provided the financial and scalable technology resources to maximize their potential for innovation.

Words fail to describe how proud and excited I am to share with you today the announcement of what Dell is launching The Dell Innovators Credit Fund today – A $100M Commitment to Entrepreneurs and Startups. This is a huge win for huge for all of us entrepreneurs and business owners out there – It’s one of the first times a Fortune 50 has leveraged its resources in such an authentic way to help those that want to start their own companies and find ways to leverage technology to help them grow their business.

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LoveIt Startup Gets $6 million Series A Funding

More and more curation Startups keep popping up thanks to the growing popularity of Pinterest and Bolt. Now you can share your favorites on the Web with LoveIt, a visual, powerful platform for individuals & groups to discover, collect, organize, and share the things they love, in public or private collections.

From chic fashion to quirky art, tasty recipes to dream vacations, and geeky gadgets to hot cars, LoveIt is a place where you can easily share images of everything that interests you, find people who have similar tastes, discover new things you may not have found otherwise, and turn those interests into actual experiences.

While LoveIt is entering a crowded field, they must be doing something right. The company just $6 million Series A Funding.

Airtime Simplifies Video Chat

The highly anticipated launch of Airtime went down this week. Founded by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, the new Startup offers a way to match people in video chats at random, similar to Chatroulette.

What is Airtime? The best and fastest way to video chat with your friends on any platform. No download required, just login with Facebook and begin video chatting with your friends immediately, right in your browser.

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