Karma Startup Lets You Share and Earn WiFi

Over at GigaOm, Kevin Fitchard writes that Karma is betting consumers will be willing to share their 4G connections with strangers if given the proper incentive, so it’s doling out free bandwidth in exchange for benevolence.

The Wi-Fi connections on all of Karma’s hotspots are open. Whenever the hotspot is on, anyone can latch onto its Wi-Fi signal, where they will encounter a welcome screen offering them 100 MBs of free data. That 100 MBs isn’t subtracted from the hotspot owner’s data bucket though; rather Karma awards the hotspot owner an additional 100 MB for making the connection happen.

I’m using a Clear wireless hotspot to power my posts at inside-Startups, but I checked with Karma and they don’t currently support third-party devices. Read the Full Story.

One thought on “Karma Startup Lets You Share and Earn WiFi

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