Cloak Protects Your IOS Device from Hackers

In this video, Dave Peck describes Cloak’s new VPN technology for OS X and IOS devices. Developed as a protection against hacking programs like FireSheep, the Cloak software is now GA and available on the Apps Store.

Cloak uses Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology but is designed to work automatically in the background, not manually as with many VPNs. When Cloak is enabled, the technology protects the wireless transmissions from computers and devices on unsecured networks such as those at many coffee shops.

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The Primary Reason Startups Fail

Why do most Startups fail? Over at, Martin C. Zwilling writes that the number one reason is the founder up and quits.

Overall, my view is that starting a business is just like everything else. Nothing important is all that easy, and all of us stumble a few times and pivot along the way as we learn. There is a real difference between cashing in your cards for a new hand, in the face of unbeatable odds, versus quitting and walking away from the challenge. You don’t learn any lessons by walking away.

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Startup Dreams in Popup Rentals

Over at SFgate, Nellie Bowles writes that Entrepreneurs are innovating to get around the lack of affordable housing in San Francisco.

Poorer than their parents and scrappy by nature, this young generation of tech workers sees little value in suburban comfort. Their entrepreneurial individuality and interest in back-to-nature minimalism lends itself to inventive bedrooms, and there is a machismo to living uncomfortably, manifested by unleisurely things like standing desks.

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Why “Better” Needs to be in Your Startup Culture

Over at the Not Only Luck blog, John Melonakos writes that the notion to “Be Better” is a reminder that wherever we are today is not as important as where we are headed. To be pointed in the right direction is something everyone can individually control through choices each day.

The goal to “be better” can be used to spur frequent introspection and stave off complacency in areas that are going well.

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World’s First Brewery Incubator Gets Kickstarter Funding

Over at Fast Company, Zak Stone writes that Brewery Inc. in Houston is looking to support and grow new “nano-breweries.”

We cultivate these nano-breweries through business workshops, networking events, co-marketing, investor pitches, and co-working until they are fully ready to launch their own brewery,” reads the Brewery Incubator’s Kickstarter. The project is actually an incubator within a more established incubator, Kitchen Inc., which provides food entrepreneurs with affordable commercial kitchen space and a café to sell their wares.

According to Stone, Brewery Inc. has six brewers in a space that could fit 10. A successful Kickstarter campaign has just completed to outfit the facility for training microbrewers on macro production. Read the Full Story.