Algorithm Predicts Whether Startups Will Succeed

Over at Oregon Business, Linda Baker writes that Thomas Thurston from Growth Science has created a model that accurately predicts whether or not a Startup will succeed.

How does Thurston’s model work? It’s rooted in the mountains of data he has collected on market and corporate dynamics, including the anticipation of future changes in the marketplace. Patterns of success or failure then emerge depending on these different market and business behavior factors. “The key is identifying variables that are predictive of success and failure,” says Thurston, who is very hush-hush about revealing those variables. It’s a process that involves “lots of hard, hard work,” he says. “You go through a whole haystack to find one needle.”

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Coworks Startup First to Drive Quality in Online Freelancing

Coworks is a new freelancing platform that uses social recommendations to promote top-quality, rewarding collaborations between creative freelancers and their clients.

Traditional online freelancing solutions provide buyers with literally thousands or even millions of freelancers to choose from,” says Jill Gutierrez, Community Manager at Coworks. “For quality creative services, this approach really misses the mark. Buyers waste time sifting through endless piles of candidates, and the best freelancers steer clear of this mass market setting entirely. At Coworks, we focus on personal connections and recommendations. The most comfortable and successful path to finding freelance resources has always been asking friends and colleagues. Coworks takes this important concept and combines it with an online platform that makes working together easier for everyone.”

Built for “great freelancers and smart clients,” Coworks focuses on four key categories within the creative services sector: writing and translation, design and illustration, photo/video, and web/apps.

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Video: Crushpath is a New Way to Pitch

In this video, the Crushpath Startup showcases a new way to pitch anything, including yourself.

We change the sales software game by allowing anyone, salesperson or not, a simple way to pitch and keep track of their relationships. Today, everyone’s pitching something, but what do we have to help us? Email blasts, cold calls, marketing campaigns–Good luck with that. Pitching is never a good experience for either side. Crushpath gives people a way to pitch their product, service, idea, or event with a simple, one page website that grabs the attention and captures leads in a way that email can’t. Your pitch is searchable, shareable, and social, so you get tons of eyeballs on it and are notified every time someone is interested. Then, keep track of your business relationships with a chronological play by play of all activity as it’s happening.

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Aeon Computing Lustre Storage at LUG 2013

In this video from LUG 2013, Jeff Johnson from Startup Aeon Computing presents an overview of the company’s innovative Lustre storage solutions.

There are many storage solutions available in the market but not all of them do Lustre well. We set out to design a Lustre platform that was good at Lustre data and I/O profiles. Part of that design, in addition to performance, is that it follows Aeon Computing’s business philosophy in that there is no unnecessary, extraneous bull___t that gets in the way.

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