Bringing the Power of InfiniBand to Cloud Startups

Over at the Mellanox Blog, Eli Karpilovski writes that the company is working through incubators and accelerators to bring new evolving startup companies together with cloud vendors that are based on the company’s interconnect cloud solutions. These new companies can enjoy best performance with the added benefit of reduced cost, as they advance application development.


RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) is a critical element in building the most scalable and cost-effective cloud environments and to achieve the highest return-on-investment. For example, Microsoft Azure’s InfiniBand based cloud, as listed on the world’s top performance capable systems (TOP500), demonstrated 33% lower application cost compared to other clouds on the same list.

Don’t waste resources worried about bringing up dedicated cloud infrastructure. Instead keep your developers totally focused on developing applications that are strategic to your business. By choosing an InfiniBand based cloud from one of our partners, you can rest assured that you will have the most efficient, scalable, and cost effective cloud platform available.

Mellanox’s InfiniBand and RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) cloud solutions deliver world-leading Ethernet based interconnect density, compute and storage. Mellanox’s Virtual Protocol Interconnect (VPI) technology incorporates both InfiniBand and Ethernet into the same solution to provide interconnect flexibility for cloud providers.

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Share Files Fast with Fasetto

A new Startup called Fasetto from Superior, Wisconsin could soon enable you to share all file types across all devices instantly without additional hardware, software, or even a broadband connection.

Fasetto’s new family of patent-pending applications is called Pretty Darn Quick (PDQ). With the speed to transfer a 5GB file from one device to another in less than 30 seconds, PDQ will enable users to share videos, pictures and files without compromising file quality.

PDQ’s network layer utilizes all available transport layers supported by the device, giving a user the ability to always be in touch with another user regardless of location, connection or device. We built the network layer algorithms from the ground up to support many complex network scenarios, without ever needing to ask the user how they need to connect to share information and what is the most beneficial layer to use.” said Coy Christmas, CTO Fasetto LLC.

Fasetto will show PDQ for the first time in person at the Cloud Computing Expo in Santa Clara November 4-7. Founders Coy Christmas and Luke Malpass will  present their “Agnostic Cloud Theory” and discuss their intrinsic API framework. Fasetto PDQ will reportedly be available for download in January 2014.

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Video: Creating the Next Tech Cities

In this video, Teresa Carlson from Amazon Web Services explains why cities and over 70% of tech startups are using cloud computing as a safety net to scale faster or fail.


  • Opening Remarks: Hitachi, Frank Priznar, Senior Vice President, Hitachi Consulting
  • Moderator: Steve Clemons, Editor-in-Chief, AtlanticLIVE, and Washington Editor-at-Large, The Atlantic
  • Dr. Daniel Huttenlocher, Dean, Cornell Tech Campus
  • Rob Kitchin, Professor & Director of the National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
  • Caterina Fake, Founder, Findery; Co-Founder, Flickr, Hunch
  • Teresa Carlson, Vice President Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services

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Failure as a Means of Success

Over at the Summation Blog, Auren Hoffman writes that in most fields, a good success rate is about 25%. If you are succeeding more than that, you are likely not innovating enough or you are settling.

It is a bad sign if you are an entrepreneur and every investor you meet with wants to give you a term sheet on your terms. Either you should be going after better investors or you should be insisting on better terms. A lack of rejection is the surest sign that something is scarily wrong.

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Why Your Startup Needs More than Just a Good Idea

Over at BPlans, Tim Berry writes about why that an entrepreneur’s good idea is not sufficient by itself for any serious investor to fund.

Why? Because there are also other good ideas out there, some of which have already been developed, tested and put into practice, thus decreasing the amount of risk an investor will be taking. The bottom line is that ideas by themselves are simply not fundable by professional investors.

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Omny – A Personal Radio App for IOS

In this video, users enjoy the Omny App, the “first and only” personal radio app available for iPhone. It’s a radio station you can keep in your pocket, where you call the shots.

Say hello to Omny — the free personal radio station that listens to you. Not only is Omny social, intelligent and intuitive, it’s also where you play more of what you want to hear – may that be your Facebook feed, news headlines, sport updates or the music you can’t live without.

AWS Report Looks to Startups


In this video, Jeff Barr, AWS Evangelist and host of The AWS Report, speaks with Startup Weekend President & CEO Marc Nager about the Startup Weekend concept.

After that, Co-host Lee Zen hears from AWS Startup Marketing Manager Natalie Surowiecki about the AWS focus for working with startups. Next up, Lee hears elevator pitches from a set of folks working hard on their startups at TechStars in South Lake Union.