Toast’s Wooden Skins for 2016 Macbook Pro

I have been a fan of custom, wooden skins for laptops for a number of years now. So when my favorite vendor from Brooklyn went belly up recently, I was left out in the cold.

Toast Cover for 15 inch 2016 Macbook Pro with Touchbar

Like many Apple enthusiasts, I had been waiting to upgrade my Macbook for a number of years. Why they waited so long I think comes down to having too many managers in house with million-dollar bank accounts. Innovation for their laptop and desktop computers has just about come to a standstill while they count their iPhone money.

In late 2016, my prayers were answered. First, Apple finally announced the new 2016 Macbook Pro laptops with a snazzy new color called Space Gray. It held the promise of better video-crunching performance and a much larger SSD storage capacity. I bought the most-loaded machine they had in stock and proceeded to edit 750 Gbytes of trade show footage that was overwhelming my old machine.

So yes, I paid the inflated price and fired up my new Mac Donglebook Pro Courage Edition. It is a great little machine, and I recommend buying this dongle to replace all of the missing ports that Apple decided to rob us of.

As I said, I like to customize my Macs, but I didn’t like the options out there. Then Toast offered to send me a sample. I was thrilled!

About a week later I got the big envelope in the mail with my new Toast covers for MacBook Pros with the Touch Bar. These things weren’t even on the market at the time, but now you can order them now for $59 for the top cover and an addition $30 for the bottom cover.

Installation was easy with the Toast product and they obviously know what they are doing using 3M brand adhesives. It took only about five minutes to apply my new covers and the resulting look, feel, and fit is really impressive. The woodgrain is very rich and I really love the way my laptop looks.

If you’re like me, today’s high end Macbooks cost more than my first two or three cars combined. Mechanically, they are works of art. With a little customization from Toast, you can make them your own.

One thing I do miss is the Apple logo on my laptop. I’m talking to an artist friend about burning a brand onto the the thing. I’ll keep you posted.


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