insideStartups Video: Scavado Helps Recruiters Find, Recruit, & Win

In this video, Daniel Estrada from Scavado demonstrates the company’s easy to use recruitment search tool software. Scavado is a simple, powerful sourcing tool for proactive recruiters to find prospective candidates online, compile their contact information, and build a comprehensive pipeline of prospects to recruit.

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Gradspring Startup to Sponsor YouTube Contest for Advertising Students

This video provides an overview of Gradspring, a job board focusing on entry-level positions for recent graduates. The company recently joined forces with the crowdfunding platform to expand their user network and launch a contest for emerging advertising students and recent graduates of the Advertising field.

Once the project gets funded, Students will have the opportunity to gain visibility for their skill set and add “Advertising Pro” to their resume, by creating a submission for Gradspring’s “Jump Start Your Career” Youtube contest. The contest is a form of crowd sourcing in itself, and will encourage talented college students to write, produce, edit, and deliver professional quality ads about Gradspring during a 30 day contest. The creator of the ad with the most likes will receive $5000. The second runner-up will receive $2000, and the third runner-up will receive $1000.

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Bare Shelves – The Great Engineering Shortage

Jon Bischke from Entelo looks at why it is so tough to hire people with technical skills.

At a party recently a startup founder told me “If you could find me five great engineers in the next 90 days I’d pay you $400,000.” Which is crazy talk. Unless you stop to consider that Instagram’s team (mostly engineers) was valued at almost $80 million per employee or that corporate development heads often value engineers at startups they are acquiring at a half-million to million dollars per person. $400,000 actually might not be so crazy for a basketball lineup’s worth of guys who can sling Ruby or Scala code.

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Infographic: Where the Startup Jobs Are

This infographic comes to us from with the aim to help raise awareness of the lack of qualified people filling technical positions in Startups.

36 percent of all open jobs at startups last year were engineering or technical jobs. However, those two sectors saw only 15 percent of the overall applicant pool trying to fill those positions. This supports evidence of an ever-tightening market for specific skills out there, and the need to keep developing and attracting qualified talent to young startup companies remains critical.

A Tip of the Hat goes to Randy Crum from for pointing us to this story.

Video: Blueseed – The Googleplex of the Sea


In this video, Max Marty from Blueseed describes how the company is building a “visa-free technology incubator for startups” situated on a ship 12 miles off the coast of Silicon Valley. The project has attracted investors such as Paypal co-founder, venture capitalist and noted libertarian Peter Thiel (who once made an early investment in a little startup company called Facebook).

“Right now the US visa immigration system does not allow for entrepreneurs [from overseas] to come here and test out their ideas and create the new jobs and create the new companies of tomorrow,” says Blueseed co-founder Max Marty, “its system was designed for a bygone era.”

Daily Deals Site RapidBuyr Comes to Portland

RapidBuyr, a Startup daily deals site in the vein of Groupon has launched in our home town of Portland, Oregon.

RapidBuyr is a B2B daily deal site dedicated to providing millions of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with opportunistic access to deep (up to 80%) discounts on higher dollar products and services such as hardware, software, web development & design, IT outsourcing, marketing, meetings, events, staffing assistance, SaaS offerings and more.

RapidBuyr uses a referral model and is currently hiring in several U.S. locations.

Why Startups Should Hire and Fire Fast

Mark Suster over at TechCrunch writes that the conventional wisdom is wrong when it comes to Startups needing to be slow to hire. In fact, he contends that hiring decisions need to happen at the same rapid pace that drives the business day to day.

There’s a certain cadence that you can feel when you spend time hanging any well-run startup company. The management team has to have a bias toward making decisions. They know that a 70% accurate decision made quickly and based on sound principles is better than a 90% decision made after careful consideration. The startup entrepreneur knows that they’re going to be wrong often. They’re flexible and willing to admit when they’re wrong. They don’t create a culture of punishment for mistakes. They live be the credo that if you’re never making mistakes you’re not trying hard enough. In my mind the sign of a great entrepreneur is the one that spots the 30% scenario quickly and adjusts but doesn’t get gun shy about rapid decision-making in the future.

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